Friday, 4 January 2008


Ribbed hobo. The texture on this bag reminds me of tripe. However, thats not to say i don't like it.

Balenciaga. I love the idea of this bag and i love the execution. In fact, i would do one days hard labour to own this bag.

Vivienne Westwood. Signature style, so iconic. Its literal and its punk, but it rocks.

What brand is this? This is a strange bag, i'm not sure whether i like it or not, but the construction seems very harmonious. I have to admit, i like it.

Bottega Venetta woven hobo. This is my bag, actually i just sold it on ebay. I love the construction and the way it fits nicely against the body. I really wanted to keep it but i didn't want to get too attached.

Not sure what brand this bag is. The drop bottom combined with the slimness of this bag makes is so cute and unsual yet so simple and understandable.

Coach. I like this bag. Even though i don't like most coach bags.

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