Friday, 28 January 2011


Here are some oldy worldy inspired rucksacks or backpacks whatever you would prefer to call them. I love this super boxy number just below. It reminds me of the old fashioned Globetrotter luggage made from compressed cardboard like a lot of us used to use as school bags all those years ago.

There has been a resurgence to backpacks particularly in the fashion world of late. Lets face it they are very ergonomic and comfortable.

I really like the combination of materials used in these satchel style bags. The long leather straps combined with canvas or oiled cottons... hmmmm. yum.

This photo was taken at the Fuji rock festival in Japan. They have lots of cool bags over there! Every time i go to japan i cannot resist buying bags.

Thursday, 27 January 2011


These bags are a clever idea that i bet has been thought of loads of time, but someone has now actually done it, and done it quite well i think. Its the classic designer handbags such as Hermes Birkin and like printed onto the relatively disposable and super cheap but iconic canvas shopper.

I particularly love the quality of the print and the vibrancy of the colours that has come through.

And the printing of the base is pure class!

You can find out more about this on this fab site i found these bags at:

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


These bags are hot off the press from the Milan and Paris men's catwalk shows. They are just a little snapshot of some of my favourites so far.

The backpack is making a huge splash, still around and in quite a formal silhouette, here is Paul Smith.

I also like this Miharayasuhiro brown holdall with the impression of buckles embossed into the side panel. Its not new but its a nice execution.

And these two bags from Kenzo are really nice. Quite understated with subtle broguing detail, they are minimalist with a personality.

Kenzo have done some nice bags this season.


You don't have to worry about getting pen on these bags. They are made from chalk board type fabric that you can personalise using chalk. I saw these bags a couple of season's ago in Paris at Tranoi.

The designs are by a couple of friends Luisa and Tine, and launched only a couple of season's ago. I love the stripped back style of these bags. They are part vintage influenced but also explore new and interesting materials and material combinations.

You can see the rest of their range here:

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


It was always a bit of a question mark as to whether shearling / sheepskin would take off in the world of accessories.

Personally, i don't mind these two bags, the above one looks like a little sheep with handles and the bottom Celine one is actually quite cute.

I think it comes down to a question of function. Shearling on the outside of anything whether it be clothes or shoes seems a bit wierd to begin with seeing it is associated with keeping things warm and snuggly. In addition, sherling on bags is slightly wierd seeing there is no particular need for keeping say, your keys or wallet warm.

Make your own mind up, what do you think? To shearling or not to shearling?

Monday, 10 January 2011


Fashion seems to be heading back to the crafts. We are loving all things with a hand made feel and in this case its basket weave, raffia and woven details. These are best done with a nice modern contrasting touch.

This spring/summer 2011 Hermes bag combines the iconic Hermes style with a boxy basket weave topped off with some luxury leather trims.

These top loading baskets look thoroughly modern and chic even though they are made with old, crafty techniques. I love the raffia embellishments and the colours.

London based Jackson twins did this fun twist on a knitted bag. I love the light and airiness of this style and the innocent little message woven into the front panel.

This bag is from the Kaufmann Mercantile Store online which is one of my favourite places at the moment. It is a market and fruit picking bag with an added modern twist, the cotton backpack straps. It has a thoroughly peasant feel about it. Made from rattan, its original function is in harvesting and fruit picking. I think it would make a perfect market bag, and i absolutely love it!

This one is from etsy, it reminds me a bit of the chanel bags. I think the chain in combination with the basket weave gives the normally casual material a playful night time feel.

This one is the Fendi peek - a-boo bag done in raffia. It comes in three different colours and looks like it has been crocheted. I absolutely love this one and the blue leather trim adds a luxury but still understated touch.