Wednesday, 10 November 2010


These old leather bags captured my attention today. The leather, originally stiff and shiny, is now worn and weathered. Designers are doing anything to achieve the aged leather look which shows that a product is made from the real deal.

This Givenchy bag above is all class, crumpled leather, simple pocket details and a gorgeous gold minimalist branding application. Worn with a pair of Vans. Nice.

Friday, 5 November 2010


I'm really liking side handles at the moment. Nice flat ones or even ones that do not really work - see the Jas M.B tan bag with the covered over handle.

This bag here is Jas M.B taken at Tranoi tradeshow in Paris a few months ago from their SS11 collection. I love the subtle (or not so subtle) allusion to the hidden handle and the general understated nature of the design.

This is a vintage bag from etsy. The front decorative strip may just be decoration but it reminded me of an oddly placed handle.

This is a recent photo from fashion week. This flat handle is actually functional but i love how it offers another way of carrying the bag but it also acts as a decorative detail.

The flat front handle is my decorative (or not so decorative) detail of the moment.