Friday, 30 October 2009


Finishing friday afternoon off with a bang of a post. This one i have been saving. Its a typical mumsy style handbag from the archives of Yves Saint Laurent. With its miniature sized logo print and its tanned leather trimmings, i think it is a real winner.

Again, i have to admit finding this one on etsy as well, i did go through the site with a fine tooth comb and there are billions of amazing finds on the site. To save myself from going broke buying bags, i have just posted it here for everyone enjoy.

This shows the compact side view, this bag is what it is, with modest detailing in that classic 1990s style. In fact, my mum recently handed down her (what is now vintage) Christian Dior bag to me which i have in pride of place on a shelf and it has a very similar construction. Its almost like a saddle bag construction on the back to sit flat against the body when worn.

What i really love about is the care and attention that people go to to photograph their products. It leaves ebay for dead so thanks alot for posting this, i wish i could credit you but i can't find you again on etsy, even though i know you are out there!

I'll leave you with this three quarter view showing the front buckle detail and that lovely shoulder strap width - not too narrow, not too wide. Love it!

Thursday, 29 October 2009


This very simple leather shopper is a sort of spoof shopping bag with a tongue in cheek feel from Chanel.

Thats my take on it anyway. Its humorous and sort of makes a comment about the value of hand bags by comparing a leather bag to the paper bag that lots of expensive stuff from Chanel comes packaged in.

The bag is designed to replicate a paper shopping bag - and in that, it is nothing really all that new, Louis Vuitton did it with their leather version of the chinese laundry bag (everyone has a different name for that bag), i will try to dig it out and post it here with these, so stay tuned.

In the same way, this bag is also quite modest, there is no hardware to be seen, it says what it does on the front, and makes so illusions about what it actually is. Thats why this bag should be respected, and it has my thumbs up.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


This is another post from ETSY. Its from a seller called vintagetotes. Looking at this little black bag from the outside you would never notice anything suspicious about it - that is until you open it.

And you find in side two dinky little coin purses fixed on the inside in a bright green and a bright red.

They give me the feeling of being the gutz of the bag, the entrails that are hidden deep within.

Or a pleasant little surprise, like the sexy lingerie of a conservative little black dress, these foxy little inside pockets add a new level of excitement.

Monday, 26 October 2009


Browsing around etsy as usual, i came across this tote bag. Its described as a, Vintage Navy Cargo Tote with Carmel Detail. (in BeckyDrolen's etsy shop) I really like it the straight lines, uncomplex, straight forward, honest. The binding protects the edges and highlights the lines, the navy is sort of unisex and work wear inspired.

It looks like it is made from a tough cotton with vinyl (faux leather) binding, or maybe its real leather, either way, the cheapness of it is appealing.

The back is plain, like a Japanese kids school bag. The handles are attached with the most straight-forward handle trim decorations. Its so beautiful becuase it just is.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I love these hand-tooled leather pieces. There are so many to look at on etsy, ebay and google, i don't even know where to start to post them, but i just wanted to post a few of my favourite that i have seen lately. The veg tanned leather combined with the decorative but crude stamp embossing make these pieces raw and tough. They look like they would easily be able to weather a storm and look as though they were made by someone with really tough strong hands.

I was very close to buying this one. Very very close.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


And i don't mean coconut colour or coconut inspired... i mean a bag MADE from a coconut. Its got to be one of the kookiest bags i have seen, and guess where i found it... etsy of course!

Monday, 19 October 2009


I started off by hating these bags, and now i'm almost tempted to buy one, i can't believe how fickle i am. It all down to some of the wonderful things one can find when browsing and here are my pics of fringed bags which i love the most.

From "marianagaby's shop". this three tiered fringed number is pretty dense which is what i love about it, it would be like carrying around a shaggy carpet or a wet dog, swaying around in the wind. Proper cow girl material this one is.

Next, from the same shop is a little foldo out wallet with three compartments. The one single line of fringing is super cute and controlled and i was really tempted to buy this one, it also comes in black.

Now, this tanned number from "stacyleigh's shop" on etsy is much more ragged and wild. Her pieces really capture the true essence of leather. Not much else is done with it apart from some raw cutting, stitching, twisting and turning. If i were a cow, i would much rather turn out like this than uber processed into a louis vuitton epi leather monstrosity.

This one is also from "stacyleigh's shop", i like it just the same, just a slightly different colour showing that in this style of production each piece turns out slightly differently depending on the skin. I really like the raw edges creating the front flaps of this bag, you couldn't get much rawer than this.

From the "aosLeather shop" also on, is this fringed pouch. It caught my attention as i have not ever seen a fringed pouch, if i were a debt collector back in the days of jesus christ, i would definitely use this to collect my shillings. With over 35 years experience in the leather making trade, you can really tell this maker is a true professional.

Finally, uploaded by easterlily on etsy, this bag isn't really much to look at, and the photo is absolutely shite, (i've even had a go of retouching it), but actually the fringing mixed with the sporadic beading makes this bag pretty cool. There is no rhyme or reason to the fringing, its so random and thats what i like a bit it, a shaggy dog of a bag.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Giles Deacon has to win the prize for the most prehistoric bags at the paris shows this season. They are really playful, cute and slightly crazy, but i'm not sure how much they would fit inside them, you certainly couldn't carry around an a4 notebook in any of them.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I have been noticing lots of vintage YSL bags around lately, both for men and women so did a bit of research and wanted to post a few of my favourite. Much more interesting than some of the stuff around at the moment. This sweet little envelope shoulder bag is really flat and in an 80s / 90s style. I found it on ebay when you search for vintage YSL handbag.

  • small triangle branding badge
  • petit thin shoulder strap
  • ultra thin construction
  • piping
  • narrow binding around the edges
  • magnetic closure

Sunday, 11 October 2009


This bags are pretty cool from the recent paris catwalks. as much as i love to hate lv, its a pretty nice collection. The splashes of colour in hanging trinkets, oversized and repetitive gives a fun vibe of not taking itself too seriously. The contrasting materials chucked together also work. The subtle concept of the bag-in-bag give a nice reason for a material change and the bags are not overpowered by that necessary but evil monogram print. I'm so over catwalks but over the next few days i'll post some of my favourite bags from the season. stay tuned.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I LOVE THIS. Its a good ol square leather patchwork gym bag with side pockets. It reminds me of the 70s, cheap bags made from leather off cuts. There is something very dorky about it. Thats why it works.