Monday, 20 June 2011


These extra-ordinary bags by Williams British Handmade are by Sarah Williams. Generally the pieces are artworks inspired by vintage bags and made into strange shapes. They utilise traditional craftsmanship techniques and translate them into ultra-modern abstract pieces which seem to tell a strange, fantastical story.

See more of these amazing pieces at:

I'm not sure what this bag is designed to carry, maybe a piano accordian?

Sunday, 19 June 2011


I have been inspired by bags designed or created for specific purposes. Just like camera cases and mobile phone bases, this is bag deigned for vegetables. Its designer accessories for the fridge.

This is the ideal replacement for all those plastic bags that get wasted and thrown away. The mesh construction allows the vegetables to breath but more importantly you can see the contents without having to open the bag. This would be the perfect accessory for my brand new fridge.

Baggu do some excellent bags, check out their website: they are so cute and to me represent the uniqlo or american apparel of the bag world.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I have come across a sort-of trend where bags look like they are being carried on their sides. They have handles on their sides which allow and encourage new ways of carrying the bags. I like it.

From rucksacks to sports bags, its something really interesting. I saw once a girl crossing the road with almost all the contents of her bag spilling out almost falling onto the floor, and thought "why doesn't she hold her bag properly" well i guess she was trying out a new way of carrying her bag.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Everywhere i look i see spots. Well thats an exaggeration, but i love spots, its like a neutral but a print at the same time. But gone are the days where spots are just retro and fade into the background a bit, the new spots are bold and have something to say for themselves.

These dalmation-style spots are graphic but have a sort of natural, random feel about them. They are certainly not random as they are clearly hand /computer generated but made to look imperfect. Some of the spots on the gloves are a bit more like splodges.

Here we have Marc Jacobs putting spots on unexpected surfaces like this shagpile rug bag for example. The spots are spread quite messily over the bag and they are interrupted by the seams, this, i like, its sort of a rebellion again perfect spots.

And then Marc Jacobs again, putting playful spots on serious bags, serious leather. The bags are almost graffitied by spots, and i love how they match in with the models hoisery.

Cute but granny at the same time, a fresh combination for winter.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


She has designed everything from laptop cases to jewellery and covered a drum set in leather. I love her stuff, her name is Natalia Brilli and she is a Belgium designer. It is not often you come across a designer who has such a specific claim to fame / MO, but still manages to have so much variety and newness in her work. I came across her a few years ago, but still love her stuff as much as i did then.

Her stuff is quirky and playful, clever and sexy at the same time. Its like a small obsession she has not unlike me and tape ( but has managed to make an international brand out of it.

The embossed objects which seem to sit below the surface of the black leather give clues as to what is enclosed, and take full advantage of the beautiful properties of leather.

All her pieces are hand made in Paris and i am continuously inspired by her evolving style and collections.

Friday, 10 June 2011


Here is a selection of macrame and jute bags mostly from the 70s. I was doing a little bit of research on woven bags and elastic and came across these on etsy. Don't you just love that site?!

I was extremely tempted to purchase this one which was going for just US$26, but really, do i need another bag? No!

I just love the neat rows of macrame that make up this bag and the contrast of the wood handle with the crafty feel of the main body of the bag. I also love the colours - just off whites which are so summery and fresh.

The slight deco patterning which adds a bit of subtle embellishment to the pattern.

The range of patterns and styles are just endless, and these are just a few of the images i found when i searched "macrame bag" on etsy. I wish i could do macrame, although mine would end up in a different category altogether. Perhaps experimental macrame or something like that.

My obsession with macrame continues on this previous post...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

THE 90s

Did you have a stud machine in the 90s? I didn't. But i wish i had. I'm not sure why but this bag takes me back to the era of DIY decoration, the be-dazzler and such. The ultra cool, new thing about it is the wierd orderly fashion in which these little studs are arranged. It makes me imagine that some designer had received a swatch card of available studs and embellishments from the factory in china and decided to re-create the level of excitement faced when one comes across a sample swatch card.

Its like a little fishing tackle box where you have all your hooks and flies arranged in the little compartments OR some kind of wierd board game where you have to collect a certain number of stars or dome studs in order to progress to the next level.

Either way, this bag makes me feel happy. Happy in order. Happy in options. Happy in 90s embellishments.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hermes have designed this extremely cute apple bag. Its sort of so bad that it is good. Actually, its not really bad at all. Just funny that you could carry something as simple as an apple around in something worth so much money!

Although, it is does seem a little unnecessary, its definitely cute, inventive and backs this up coming trend of quirky little bags for the party season.

And here is the famous Banana Guard, the predecessor of the Hermes apple bag. As silly as this might seem its really not a bad idea at all. These cases elevate the status of the humble fruit, a sort of back to basic reminder. I also love the idea of cases that protect specific things such as sunglasses cases and instrument cases, check out my 'case' tag on the right hand column.

If anyone find any more fruit style bags, please send them my way!