Monday, 28 July 2008

Kitsch Printed bags

Slighly kitsch printed bags are all about this season, and its not just the designer labels that are doing it.

Prada Fairy Print Bag

Roxy print sports bag

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Parrot and hybiscus sequin-adorned bag

Elvis tote bag

Peter Rabbit gym sack, as posted by brianinsanfran on

As posted by brianinsanfran on

Tape Wallets by Marcella Foschi

Made by Italian designer Marcella Foschi, using old (Italian) tapes. Each design is limited, check out design boom for more info.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Plastic Shopping Bags

As more and more people move towards fabric recyclable shopping bags, these plastic ones will be phased out. So here is a collection of plastic shopping bags, soon to be extinct.

Plastic fruit shop bag

The sack of the future is here for you today. Ralphs

Embroidered fabric copy of an original plastic bag design.

Plain plastic bag

Faux Wood Grain purses

To see more images like this, check out narchi's photos on If you have any other faux grain bag images, please send them to me.