Tuesday, 12 April 2011


These bags are from Studio toogood, creative consultancy... its the kind of place that does, in my book, truly creative work. Everything on their site, i just stare at for ages... i don't even know where to start with these bags.

They are an eclectic collection of odd camera and lens cases, fixed up and lined with a futuristic gold lining fabric. Little straps have been added here and there, but overall they retain their gorgeous vintage feel.

Both the bags themselves and the installation / display which was part of London design week last year, are just sublime... the type of thing i wish i was involved in.

The bags look like archaeological artifacts dug up for display at a science convention...

Coupled with the modest, humble surrounds and the stark white walls, the bags are given individual personalities. Hanging from little hooks ready to be plucked by the lucky new owners.

Read more about them here: http://www.studiotoogood.com/Projects/Super-Natural

Monday, 11 April 2011


This is the kind of drama you get to see at London fashion week. Great bag. Love a bit of typography!


These quirky bags are from Italian designer Gianmarco Godi. They are called Bagigia - the hot water bottle dressed in leather. They are very cute, neat and quirky and when i stopped the italian man with the waistcoat when i was at Tranoi in Paris during fashion week to ask about the bag he was wearing, it was Gianmarco himself.

These bags are super niche and quirky and i just couldn't resist posting them here. Especially because i have been seeing them dotted around fashion week and the designer himself.. well , what a nice man!