Sunday, 30 March 2008

Belkin Laptop Pockets

These Belkin laptop carriers and ultra chic and ultra 'design' . Probably not the most practical laptop bags in the world but who cares when it looks as good as this. The laptop bag market is so full of boring black bags that i think there really is a market for these, especially for home or studio use.

This one is called Belkin Laptop Pockettop Case Orange and can you believe its going for a crazy £17.99 on Amazon right now, normally its something like £35.

This one, slightly less bulbous is still very chic and the colours really compliment the designs. Its Belkin Laptop Sleevetop Case Green.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Puma Handbag Dazzle

This bag was designed by yours truly, its a mini heritage style bag aimed at young girls, i'm not sure how much you'd fit in it or whether any of you young girls out there like it, or would buy it, but thought i'd put it up here for all to check out. Look forward to your comments.

The range is called Dazzle and its available in a range of colours... from Puma.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Diesel Polietilencia Bags AKA tyvek

These fab diesel bags are made from what diesel refer to as "Polietilenica" which sounds pretty technical, i have also heard it being called 'Tyvek', i guess it depends on who the manufacturer is. The material feels alot like paper but has really strong qualities and take alot more of a bashing that it seems. Diesel have used this material really cleverly using a graphic print on the bags making further reference to the paper-like qualities.

This one above is called 'Henry', not quite sure why. Have a closer look at these bags on

These bags have a japanese feel about them with the typo-graphics, they tend not to be saying anything particularly relevant so for this reason i'm not sure whether i would actually invest in one personally but the idea is strong and i'm all for exploring new materials in accessory design.

This style is called "ARAKI" which is sort of a like a modern interpretation of a military style duffle bag. The use of the white chain works but i think it could have been a bit chunkier.

Saturday, 22 March 2008


This is the Saskia bag by Chloe, its in the family as the multi-buckle number that is the goodie bag in Grazia this week, but a slightly toned down version. They are the 'show' versions and these are the square totes.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Yves Saint Laurent Love Malindi tote

Yves Saint Laurent Love Malindi tote. What do you think of it? Girly, pretty and cute.

Little Gem Clutches

I am not sure who designed this little wood and metal number but it really is more like art that accessory design. The composition of the placement of the metal plates on the wood front panel is amazing. It could actually be a little mirror compact and not a bag at all.

And again, not sure who is behind this one either but it is also more like a precious object than an evening clutch bag. I absolutely love this clutch, it reminds me of a favourite flower vase of mine. The snake like metal strap also adds a flash of the 80s and is the perfect accompaniment.

And these Fendi clutches have a soap dish feel about them, they come in pop colours and make the perfect little accessory. Love them.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Alexander McQueen's Novak Bag

This shopper style bag by McQueen is absolutely exquisite, a combination of a delicately detailed inner bag shrouded by a bold outer layer. The outer shell acts as a sort of exo-skeleton for protection, creating a beautifully contrasted story.

Below is another incarnation of McQueen's Novak bag in the style of a tote. This version is a lot more solid looking with less of the textural contrast as the one above. The result is a classic looking tote, slightly too bulky and boxy for my likings but well constructed and stylish. I might not say 'sexy' but i would definitely say 'design'.

This one is also pretty hot, its the textural contrast between the softer ribbed inner body fabric with the smooth heavy leather outer that really makes it work.