Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Diesel Polietilencia Bags AKA tyvek

These fab diesel bags are made from what diesel refer to as "Polietilenica" which sounds pretty technical, i have also heard it being called 'Tyvek', i guess it depends on who the manufacturer is. The material feels alot like paper but has really strong qualities and take alot more of a bashing that it seems. Diesel have used this material really cleverly using a graphic print on the bags making further reference to the paper-like qualities.

This one above is called 'Henry', not quite sure why. Have a closer look at these bags on http://store.diesel.com

These bags have a japanese feel about them with the typo-graphics, they tend not to be saying anything particularly relevant so for this reason i'm not sure whether i would actually invest in one personally but the idea is strong and i'm all for exploring new materials in accessory design.

This style is called "ARAKI" which is sort of a like a modern interpretation of a military style duffle bag. The use of the white chain works but i think it could have been a bit chunkier.

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