Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I have been thinking a lot about people wearing mobile phone cases around their necks like this. So here are a few images of some interesting phone cases which cross over to being a fashion accessory.

Man in Stockholm enjoying the sun.

The utilitarian look dresses down a formal outfit which is what i really like about this look.

Granny Tunes embroidered ipod holder by Greece is for Lovers.

Round necklace coin holder by david and azumi - one of my favourite accessories brands.

I'm not really sure what could be in this little front joey pouch but i think it might be a phone or credit cards, either way, as you can see its quite a unisex look.

Not only is this method of carrying around your phone really handy but i think its the accessories direction of the future - fulfilling a function at the same time as making a decorative statement.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


These are a selection of views and styles of Raf Simons SS09 wallets, keyrings etc. from ( One of my favourite places to browse some of the coolest bags of the moment and designer pieces that are not available to be seen on catwalk shots.

This Raf Simons wwallet has the jagged cut - out and a mirror placed inside. I don't meant to be funny but it is very similar in concept to a bag i designed for puma, my one had a little opening door to protect the mirror but was constructed in the same way. So becuase of that, i really love this piece, especially the cool angled cut-out.

Again the keyring is really angular and blue and the wierdest thing is that i have had on my desktop for a few days now this image that i downloaded from google images of the tan gram which i was thinking about for a print design (below) which is strangely similar in colour and shape to these.

Anyway, i'm off for a bike ride to the park, so i'll leave you pondering a few more images below of the rest of the collection.

This wallet below is a slightly smaller version of the first one. I love the patent leather as well.

And again.. that blue... aghhhhh

Thursday, 20 August 2009


I have recently become really interested in draw-string backpacks. Maybe its because i have one at the moment that i bought in Japan which i use for riding my bicycle to work. I alternate between my lightweight (barely there) eastpak basic camo backpack and this cool one i bought in tokyu hands which i LOVE.

Anyway, back to the point... this one is a PICARD leather backpack, its sort of quite feminine and compact but i particularly love two things about this... 1) that there are so many amazingly detailed shots of this bag, thanks to which is a superb vintage website that i stumbled upon during a google search. and 2) that its sort of vintage but not really. Its kind of 90s chic which is another style / fashion trend which has recently captured my attention.

The front pocket (which probably has a magnetic stud) is so neat and i can't quite tell whether it has piping around the front panel of it... i hope not! Not that i hate piping, i just think it needs to be consistent and appropriate.

The details of this bag are all just very practical and expected which is what i love about 90s mainstream bag design. Its sort of minimalist in a slightly decorative way. I remember my mum carrying around her drawstring shoulder bag in the 90s and wanted one so badly. Then I think i eventually got one for christmas once but it was alot stiffer than my mums and i didn't like it. Actually i just remembered it was a fake LV one. haha. i hated that it was fake! (these days i probably wouldn't mind - not that i'm condoning handbag fakery.

Its funny as the brand PICARD really caught my eye as i have been covering them recently at tradeshows for my current job - they show at mipel still, at least i'm pretty sure that its the same brand, i think i might ask next time... although i'm not covering the show this time as i'm going to be away in THAILAND! YESSSSS. Where i will also be posting lots of my favourite bag sightings.

This picture with the fabric rose next to it is super cute. Suzie floozie has obviously gone to alot of trouble in photographing this bag which i really appreciate.

Monday, 17 August 2009


Alexandra Cassaniti started her line of bags, shoes, swimsuits, surfboards and other accessories in Spring 2008. The bags are all made in the US of A and i really love the natural feel of them. Her signature brushstroke design is really bold and the pieces look exquisitely made. The more i look at the bags the more i really love them. they look so effortless. Visit her site to check out some more products including some amazing jewellery.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


I have a thing for bags made for specific purposes like camera bags, sports equipment bags and other specifically shaped bags which allude to their contents regardless of whether its in there or not. There are a lot of camera cases from this vintage region, i'm not too hot on history but i would take a stab at the 60s moving into the 70s when SLR cameras were at their heyday. I vaguely remember my mum's camera case.

I think it gets more interesting when you look at the more modern takes on this item. Marc Jacobs (below) has designed this camera case which sort of looks 70s style but was probably designed within the last couple of seasons. I am trying to research camera bags like this which have been designed more recently but which have strong visual links to the 70s.

Friday, 14 August 2009


I love Painkiller Mademoiselle.

This is one of my all time favourite bag brands, its a pretty obscure brand coming out of Bangkok, Thailand. From what i know, the designer used to live in Paris and moved (back) to Bangkok. If you can read thai, you can check out some more information by going to or

This leather shopper is pretty nice, not all that much to it, i have to admit but the central panel of exotic skin - snake it looks like give the bag a level of sophistication achieved through constraint rather than excess. But the real beauties lie below:

I love the shape of this clutch, its a classic shape but the tonal massive stud hardware is cool and its one of the first brands that i have seen do this.

As you can see the bags are really simple and geometric. If the bags were a person, they would be highly sophisticated and refined and be able to speak about 10 different languages.

The oversized wooden hardware is sometimes polished to look like precious stone but at the end of the day is just (just, i say) humble wood. This is one of my favourite aspects of the brand, they are understated and make glamour and preciousness out of not much.

Ok, you are probably thinking, there is something very Chanel about the bags, yes you are right, its hard to go past the quilting and the leather / metal chain, however, its the bold use of the hardware which i really like about this bag above. Lets just admit, the Chanel thing has been copied over and over again. Now even shops like Topshop and New Look have their versions of the bag, it has gained cult status and there is no looking back. BUT.... this is a nice fresh look at a commericalised icon. I'll let you decide.

Thursday, 13 August 2009


When i was last home in Australia in june, i subtly raided my mum's wardrobe looking for those designer handbags that i vaguely remembered.

This one was probably bought in the 80s or early 90s and mum so kindly let me borrow it, or gave it to me. Luckily i have no sisters to contest this, as it is a highly sort after Chanel classic which i love and cherish.

I only use it on special occasions, but i am not so good at keeping things in mint condition. i don't suppose hanging it behind my door with a thousand other pieces of junk and bags is all that good for it, but storage space in my tiny place in london has a lot to be desired. If anyone has any good bag storing tips, please share.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Today I have put together a few cute bags with repetitive motifs. The flat vintage clutch below is made up lots of little squares joined together in a pixel style format. I love the peachy glow of these bags below, there is something very pretty and feminine about them which is slightly different to a lot of my other posts.

Maryam Vintage

Christian Louboutin

Celestina Clutch bag


Monday, 10 August 2009

Claire Ferreira DOWNSIDE UP

In her own words, "Rush bag echoes our impulsive behaviour within the tiny daily crisis of looking for something in a bag. Turn it upside down to expose its contents"

Recent graduate from the Royal College of Art in London is Claire Ferreira. She has come up with this conceptual bag project founded by the frustration from looking for things in your bag. I'm sure we have all been there. I think its a great way to get rid of the crap at the bottom of your bag like bread crumbs and cigarette tabacco.

The bits that dangle down from clips attached with cute red string double as a way to carry your belongings on the outside rather than the inside of your bag.

Cute and quirky at the same time, this is a nice project, topped off by the white handle at the base of the bag which pulls the whole concept together.

You can check out her blog by going to : where she also has a few other of her projects on show.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tila March

I love Tila March. Its a brand which evolved from a meeting between a fashion editor and a marketing executive. the kind of story that makes you cringe with jealousy! The bags are fresh and simple and the colours are really amazing.

I really love this simple orange tote, these pics were from net-a-porter but i think the bag has been removed from the site to make way for the new collection.

The brand also does footwear, but i think the accessories are especially strong. its a sort of fusion between Orla Kiely and Anya Hindmarch.

The bags have such a strong graphic identity which is the theme that comes through in all the styles, you seriously have to check out the rest of the new collection on the website:

Expect more posts by Tila March to come.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Chanel on Canvas

I'm really sorry i have had temporary amnesia and have forgotten where on earth i found these bags, so i cannot credit them. I think they are from an american shopping website such as barneys (which i have already looked in) maybe someone out there might know.

I just wanted to post them before i forgot cos they have been sitting on my desktop for weeks and i think they are much better off on here, than with the millions of other screen grabs, bank statements and random folders sitting on my desktop right now.

Its not really the newest idea on earth but i love the execution of these printed canvas shoppers. The iconic pieces printed on them make a statement about 'it' bags or bags that cost over say, £300 and at the same time, i'm sure these bags don't come cheap either.

Anyway, thats my friday bag post so hope you enjoy. Back to writing up my tradeshow from my visit to WSA in Vegas last week. Check it out on WGSN soon! x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Chapman Bags

When i was at Bread and Butter (tradeshow) the other week, i came across Chapman bags, they are handcrafted english bags of the most deliciously luxurious quality. What was extra special about this season's collection is the colour. Gone are the olive green's, browns and tans, and in come one of the hottest colours of the season... purple.

This fishing bag with net front pockets is one of the old school formats finding its way back into urban life. I see loads of these bags being ridden around london when i'm on my bicycle riding to work. I love the matching colour net and the brown leather trims.

And the shopper is also pretty cool, but maybe doesn't translate as well to modern urban life than the fishing or messenger styles but completes a nice collection.

The barrel bag is one of my all time favourites, this large one is man-size and perfect for an overnight, or gym bag. So for about £100 its luxury, fashion and heritage in one.