Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Louis Vuitton Multi-handle bag

Louis Vuitton bag with quite a few extra handles, showing that LV can pull out some interesting spieces.

Vintage Luggage Christies

From the recent Christie's Auction of vintage luggage.

Two canvas and leather suitcases
Mid 20th century
Cream coloured fabric with matching leather strapping
71 x 43 x 21.6cm. and 56 x 35.5 x 16.5cm.
Monogrammed 'APW'
Estimate: £1,500-2,000

Two fine black cases
Dunhill and Anthony
The first of black leather, in semi-circular form, with one
fitted tray and gunmetal hardware, Dunhill; the second of
black fabric with leather strapping, lined in moire with
various pockets, gilt hardware, monogrammed 'JR', T.
Anthony New York
43 x 47 x 18cm. and 45.7 x 45.7 x 31.75cm.
Estimate: £800-1,000

A monogram hard-side case and cover
Louis Vuitton
Numbered '964188'
75 x 49.5 x 21.6cm.
Estimate: £600-800

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Old Fashioned Luggage

Hermes old fashioned suitcase, remade for the modern romantic traveller.

Modern - retro suitcases by Hermes. These remind me of the jet age.

And the ever-classic Globetrotter suitcase.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sexy SPORTS equipment bags

Jack Spade's Ping Pong bag. I love it. This bag is clunky-sexy, its simple, honest, does what it says on the tin. Its waxy beautiful body material and stuck on label ooze sophistication through simplicity.

I want one of these really badly and i'm prepared to take up table tennis for it. Its by Jack Spade.
If you like this check out the Leica camera cases on a previous posting.