Saturday, 27 June 2009

Milan Spring summer 2010 mens bags

Hot off the press, these bags are from the recent men's shows in Milan. One of the key trends this season is WHITE. From sporty executions to very formal briefcases, white and off-whites span the full range of men's accessories. In general, block colours were strong but silhouettes remained classic. Mens bags become more influenced by feminine fashion with slouchy silhouettes a key look. Sporty looks were also a strong influence with some nice backpacks on show from dSquared and some interesting utilitarian looks from Costume Nationale Homme.

Z Zegna. Inspired by vintage suitcases, this tote is a cross between a hand held suitcase with the functionality of a modern briefcase.

Z Zegna: some interesting hardware going on but more or less a classic vintage gym bag shape in high impact white. I would say a lot of brands are going for the more conservative and less costly option of presenting classic, non-risky shapes with the investment going to luxury materials and high impact colourways.

Salvatore Ferragamo: A very clean looking shopper by Salvatore Ferragamo, minimalist low key hardware gives a humble lux look. The short grab handles mean the bag is hand held for a feminine look. This shopper is more or less a unisex style.

John Richmond: A move on from the document cases presented last season. Pushing the envelope on the feminine styles, this document case features an ornate embossed body leather constrated with a plainer leather. The egg shell or slightly off-white is a slightly warmer variation to the stark iceberg whites of Z Zegna and Gucci.

John Richmond: This slimline document / briefcase is highly feminine in its design. Just look at the thinness of the handles and the delicate branding execution. The extra hardware in the lock flap also brings in a vintage feel.

Iceberg: A more modern interpretation of the document case. More slouchy and less clean, this bag features additional straps and handles whilst still referencing classic doctors bag or document files in construction.

Gucci: this bag is basically a vintage style bowler bag. The contrast between black and white give it a slightly 90s feel. I'm not sure whether i really like this one too much. Not much new except the colour combination.

Gucci: I reckon this bag has a slight g-star feel to it. The panel construction is basically the main thing going on. It very much looks like the cross between a sports bag and a fashion style, which, from looking at the overall Gucci show, is maybe the look that they were going for. It has a slighy biker look to it, and looks like it would look much better in black.

Gucci: Did the designer from G-star going get a new job at Gucci? This bag looks good, but is maybe a bit predictable.

Canali: With quite an italian look, Canali have also gone for the black and white contrasting colourways. The clean style fo bag works and i like the mini corner trims going on. Not sure about the handles.

Canali: The shopper version of the above bag. I like the wide base interpretation to the classic shopper, a kind of cross between a tote bag and a shopper. I'm open to other people's comments, please let me know what YOU think about these bags.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Solar Panel Bags

Here is a collection of solar panelled bags which i have stumbled upon, browsing around the web. From the very sporty outdoorsey beginnings of solar bags, they have come a long way, but yes, still have a long way to go.

Noon Solar bags (

These ones by Noon Solar are pretty cool, with a lifestyle feel, they integrate this high technology into bags that you want to actually carry. Below is a bag by one of my favourite Thai designers (oops forgot the name of the brand but will get back to you). The black panel in the middle isn't actually a solar panel, but i reckon it could be.

Painkiller Mademoiselle autumn/winter 2008/09

I really feel that things are just at the beginning with solar powered bags, especially now when we are practically non-existent without our mobile phones / blackberrys / iphones / ipods. In countries like Australia, and South America, there is really no excuse to use the sun to charge our phones, slightly more far fetched in countries like the UK, especially in winter, but its still only sunlight that is required to make this happen.

These bags above have the solar technology a little more integrated and there is a bit more design going on but they still look a bit like a school project.

These are also by Noon Solar, above, i think they look pretty fab for a high tech bag. They take about 6-8 hours to charge and more on a cloudy day and thats enough to charge your phone or ipod. The technology hasn't yet got to the point where you can charge a laptop but i think this capability is well on its way.

Globe Backpack

Talk about carrying the world on your shoulders, this globe backpack looks extremely practical. This brilliant piece is a mix between art and design and who else but the Japanese could come up with it. It by a company called writtenafterwards, click on the link to check out some more of their stuff.

This is their concept taken from their website: "For heart-to-heart communication, we provide new relationship between human and fashion, and also emotional, sustainable work.
We do not regard fashion design as design of clothes, but "human aspect or design of mode", and are suggesting fashion as the communication tool which has point of views of education, society, culture and environment."

Monday, 22 June 2009

Maria Francesca Pepe

I love the style of Maria Francesca Pepe, the young italian designer who has an amazing rebellious style of design. Her jewellery pieces speak volumes and you really have to check those out but seeing that this is a bag blog, here are her bag pieces. I was recently lucky enough to get one of her lovely pieces of jewellery for my birthday which i absolutely love. Thanks Morgan!

The bags are contemporary in styling but have the sexiness and with the supurb quality of the Italians behind them. The perfectly balanced mix makes sense given that MFP studied at the Royal College of Art in London. The perfect mix if you ask me.

From womenswear to jewellery and bags, there is nothing that this designer cannot do with such original style.

The integration of jewellery into the hardware of the bags works so well giving loads of substance both to the pieces and to MPF as a brand.

Find out more by visiting her site:

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Leica Camera Cases

I love these Lieca camera cases made from structured leather and hugging around the body of the camera. Cases in general really excite me, bags that are made for one specific item only. It reminds me of this earlier blog posting: jack spade table tennis case.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hand made craft accessories

These handmade pieces are taking the fashion world by storm. If your grandmother or mum ever taught you how to crochet, sew or knit , you are all sorted with some amazing little crafty accessories.

They are best teamed up with some high-tech equipment such as an ipod , iphone, blackberry or laptop to emphasise that contrasting vibe. Don't be frightened of making mistakes either, the more wonky and hand made looking the better!

Even this little wristbadn is a gem, found on etsy (who can resist)

Fancy making a trivet to steam punk up your kitchen or dining table?

You don't need an overlocker just some bad tele to sit in front of whilst you make this cosy little jumper for your ipod.

Or if you like things a bit more consistent and you are feeling a bit advanced try out making a knitted laptop sleeve. How fab!

Marks and Sparks Bags

Marks & Spencer's hasn't traditionally been known for their high fashion accessories but recently browsing their site, my eyes fell upon some very nice bags. What has their accessory department been up to? whatever it is, its looking very good.

It looks like a combination of really well made product at reasonable price points that have really hit the spot. The bags are not super cheap but they don't look cheap either. Take this patent leather overnight bag above for example, its part of the Autograph collection retailing at £125. This is pretty reasonable for leather and its on-trend but still classic design means it could be worn at least for a few seasons and also has the quality to last a lifetime if need be.

Silver with brown trim Autograph leather shopper, is only £99. I feel like i'm doing a free ad for M&S but i swear i'm not. Check it out, its not bad huh?!

This is part of the "limited collection" collection, its £49.50 which is great, its so cute and made from real leather. I bet you are surprised its from M&S, i know i was when i first saw it.

And i really love this Autograph Leather miami skinny frame shoulder bag which retails for £69.00. Its got a Marni feel about it without being a rip off, the tasteful intepretation captures the design language of top catwalk brands. I'm sure Gok would love this one.

Check out the rest of the bags for yourself, you might be really surprised.

This Mulberry inspired tote is also pretty good and i bet its not more than £150.

Monday, 15 June 2009


Isaac Reina slim shoulder bag.

Jil Sander spring/summer 2009

Martin Margeila Spring / summer 2009 little man bag type organiser.

By Harald Helgesen, a recent graduate from Bournmouth.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Issac Reiner is the Designer of luxurious mens accessories. From wallets and bags to keyrings and document cases. These pieces focus purely on two key things, construction and materials. He has also done collaborations with Maison Martin Margeila.

Visit the great website by following this link

Simple, elegant with attention to detail and luxury construction.