Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Marks and Sparks Bags

Marks & Spencer's hasn't traditionally been known for their high fashion accessories but recently browsing their site, my eyes fell upon some very nice bags. What has their accessory department been up to? whatever it is, its looking very good.

It looks like a combination of really well made product at reasonable price points that have really hit the spot. The bags are not super cheap but they don't look cheap either. Take this patent leather overnight bag above for example, its part of the Autograph collection retailing at £125. This is pretty reasonable for leather and its on-trend but still classic design means it could be worn at least for a few seasons and also has the quality to last a lifetime if need be.

Silver with brown trim Autograph leather shopper, is only £99. I feel like i'm doing a free ad for M&S but i swear i'm not. Check it out, its not bad huh?!

This is part of the "limited collection" collection, its £49.50 which is great, its so cute and made from real leather. I bet you are surprised its from M&S, i know i was when i first saw it.

And i really love this Autograph Leather miami skinny frame shoulder bag which retails for £69.00. Its got a Marni feel about it without being a rip off, the tasteful intepretation captures the design language of top catwalk brands. I'm sure Gok would love this one.

Check out the rest of the bags for yourself, you might be really surprised.

This Mulberry inspired tote is also pretty good and i bet its not more than £150.

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