Sunday, 6 January 2008


Chloe tote bag with anodised gunmetal hardware. The proportions of this bag seem to work so well. The bag is feminine without being overly girly, as Chloe does best, the style is sexy, tough and stylish.

I really love the story-telling aspect of this bag. The outside compartments literally tell a story of what is meant to be put inside each pocket. All the elements are feminine and iconic. The result is a bag which verges on being a piece of art.

The combination of materials (shiny and matt) and colours (clashing natural brown with purple) shouldn't really work, but the result is quite nice. What brand is this bag?

Once again, the literal addition of the pockets on the front panel look good. The use of nylon body material rather than leather make the bag younger and fresher.

This D&G tote is all about the body material and striking colour. I love the crushed, wet look leather and I also think that the use of a single material only works well.

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