Saturday, 6 September 2008

Crumpler Backpacks

Crumpler bags with their humble aussie roots have come a long way since their original camera case collections. Now they really own the messenger market for city bankers aiming for a cool look or someone looking for a good quality functional bag. I love crumpler don't get me wrong, but it seems a shame that they have attracted a very mainstream audience.

Although i'm sure crumpler wouldn't have any problem with that since they have managed to grow from strength to strength. Their bags are very well structured, cleverly designed with alot of thought put into the pattern cutting. Crumpler designers are no.1 in thinking about bags from a tayloring angle.

With a clean and stripped down look, this backpack would not look wrong on the back of a suit or on someone climbing a mountain. My only critique of crumpler bags is sometimes i think they are a little too well made, to the point that they can be overly heavy and over padded for their purpose which at the same time make them very safe and sturdy for all your gear.

Overall its a thumbs up for Crumpler... and thats not only because i'm australian!

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