Tuesday, 25 November 2008


This is Reppo II backpack which incorporates speakers into the main body frame. Its by designer Joonas Saaranen. It looks pretty slick and protective with the added function of portable tunes.

This quiksilver backpack is quite structured and boxy, i'm noticing that backpacks are not only coming back into fashion but structured re-enforced backpacks have been seen alot.

The North Face backpack, more for adventure and traveling, but a nice clean design with uncluttered functionality.

This is the Logitech Kinetic backpack which for a bag made by a computer accessory brand is not bad. Its success is its simplicity. The interior is decked out with many functional pockets which i'm sure would all go to good use.

With a moulded front panel, the design is slick and unoffensive.

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