Wednesday, 18 March 2009

saskia & stefan diez - tyvek papier bags

As seen on designboom, these amazing paper bags called 'Papier Bags'. They are made of DuPont™Tyvek®, a synthetic paper that is extremely light but at the same time robust but also light, waterproof, recyclable and tear proof.

The project is a collaboration betwen Saskia and Stefan Diez. You can see alot more of Stefan's design projects on the site


Matcon Webmaster said...

Yes, they are pretty cool Tyvek bags! However, I believe it is Stefan Diez who designed the bags for his wife, Saskia Diez, who is a jewelry designer.

Material Concepts is an authorized Tyvek distributor in Philadelphia PA USA. We featured these Papier bags our Tyvek Innovative Uses Blog in a recent post at Tyvek Fashion/Tyvek bags. Check the statement by the designer that we posted, sent to us by Stefan Diez.

Visit the Material Concepts website to purchase many types of Tyvek, including the new Black Tyvek.

JACQUI MA said...

My mistake, it is a collaboration between Saskia and Stefan Diez. as seen on their site