Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I have been at it again on etsy... and i got mildly obsessed with these highly 80s briefcases. I imagine when working women started hitting the pavement ala Melanie Griffiths... the bag designers out there had to come up with something equally as striking.

The designer had obviously just got back from a holiday in Egypt when this bag was being designed.

No, this one is not strictly a briefcase, and in fact, its not really 80s but a bit more on the 70s side... But i like it anyway.

I do actually love this solid briefcase. Its like some person has thought... what do you get if you mix a 'normal' mens briefcase with pretty flowery things that women like... i know... its a cross between aunt mildred's sofa and a standard work case.

This one above is a sort of american aztec meets bed linen design. It definitely provides some good clashing pattern to ensure full impact clash with any other elements of the outfit.

This one, i actually want for myself... but its a shame i don't really have any important business meetings to attend on a regular basis.

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