Sunday, 6 January 2008

Wierd and Wonderful Bags No.1

Antrobus Convertible Bag designed by Alison Antrobus is as wierd as her name. You definitely have to look this up on and check it out as it converts between a clutch, a tote and a shoulder bag. With a pricetag of US $1,250, I like the idea of the bag changing states but it seems to look a bit more like a block of flats than a luxury bag.

Embossed coin purse. Simple, kooky and interesting.

These two bags are the graduating project of designer Gonnie Jannsen. They are all about flexible volumes. They are certainly conceptual and interesting.

This bag is also by Gonnie Jannsen exploring flexible volumes. Although not as conceptually strong as the previous bag, its looks a hell of a lot better.

Wierd wierd wierd. What would this be called? the silver dining setting bag? Who the hell is responsible for this?

Handcuff bag by Moschino

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