Sunday, 6 January 2008

Chrome et al

Eastpak backpack. Not the normal eastpak style, slightly more technical and souped up. But pretty sharp all the same.

These are waterproof style backpacks by Seal Line. They would have non-sewn seams made with either a heat sealing technique or using tape seams to keep the water out.

Its been a whilst since i found this backpack, so i can't remember what brand it is, but it is a cross between a courier / messenger bag and a backpack and seems to look pretty good.

Just been given a tip off that the brand of this bag is 'Chrome'. Check out

Although i haven't actually ever seen anyone wearing a bag like this. Let me know if you know who makes it.


GAMBIE said...

Jacqui - great examples of back packs... the last example is made by a firm called CHROME ( they produce some seriously amazing courier styles and are extremely popular in NEW YORK... As far as I am aware they do not distribute in the UK... if you are looking for a durable well designed courier style that will match the CHROME style then try out As for the format of the backpack featured... I reackon the utilitarian roll down closure takes backpack design in new direction... other examples of this format include ortlieb... seems as though there is a growing fusion between serious out door performance and street wear - What do you think?

JACQUI MA said...

Thanks for the tip off stephen. You must be a serious bag freak. I will update the blog. I have also heard that Puma's Urban Mobility messengers are wicked.