Thursday, 24 January 2008

Matthew Williamson bags at the Design Museum

It was worth the trek to the Design Museum to see these gorgeous bags by Matthew Williamson. The exhibition is extremely well curated and despite the fashion frock angle there were even bags to look at for me.

These beaded beauties go perfectly with his outfits. They are like little treasures in themselves and really give meaning to word 'accessory' when describing bags.

The colours of the stones go so well together, it sort of reminds me of peaking in your mum's jewellery box when you were a little kid.

If i were to take this one out with me for the night i would fill it with pound coins and prance around town with my clinking little sack. You have to go to the Design Museum and check them out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Its a contentious one, but i think its great that his designs have been made accessible through his collaboration with Designers at Debenhams. I really believe that the intention and spirit of Williamson's design has not been lost in translation.

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