Monday, 21 January 2008

Mulberry and Julie Verhoeven

Mulberry has teamed up with artist Julie Verhoeven on both apparel and accessories. And purely judging from their bags, i dare to say it looks like a marriage made in hell. The apparel seems to work a treat but the shopper bag with the stuck on graphic looks like a bit of an afterthought - a disasterous encounter between Chanel and Lulu Guinness in an asda aisle.

In the past Mulberry have had some wicked collaborations like with Giles Deacon in SS07 where Mulberry's S&M direction was truly sexy and edgy. I am totally open to disagreement, please post your comments here! So, sorry Julie Verhoeven and Mulberry but this one has to go in my irritating bag section.

Please! Honestly?

I know its going out on a limb to say i don't rate this bag given that its been getting so much great press, but lets just say it as it is here. All i can say is that i'm waiting in anticipation for Mulberry's next collab.

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