Sunday, 10 February 2008

Burberry Warrior Bag - This season's IT bag?

Would you pay £13,000 for this season's 'it' bag?

So we're being told that this is this season's IT bag. The Burberry Warrior bag. I think we should all go out and buy one with a price tag of £13,000 its definitely a sound investment! OK, its only the full aligator skin, if you are a cheapskate you can buy a more streamlined version made from humble lizard or python.

I have to say that i prefer this version to the one with all the pirate's treasure stuck on.

Here is the more simplified version in white which i don't think works quite so well with the dark coloured metal eyelets. I would have liked to see this with all white metal hardware to match.

And in black, it has a nice shape and style and i say go Burberry! beat the italians at the it bag game at least for one season! Actually the plain black leather version is only going to set you back £1,595. You can check the full range out on

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Wow these are so nice! The Burberry warrior implements dark silver stud details on top of black leather. The top features a wide panel with drawstring pulls that go through eyelets to secure. Thanks a lot...