Friday, 14 March 2008

Alexander McQueen's Novak Bag

This shopper style bag by McQueen is absolutely exquisite, a combination of a delicately detailed inner bag shrouded by a bold outer layer. The outer shell acts as a sort of exo-skeleton for protection, creating a beautifully contrasted story.

Below is another incarnation of McQueen's Novak bag in the style of a tote. This version is a lot more solid looking with less of the textural contrast as the one above. The result is a classic looking tote, slightly too bulky and boxy for my likings but well constructed and stylish. I might not say 'sexy' but i would definitely say 'design'.

This one is also pretty hot, its the textural contrast between the softer ribbed inner body fabric with the smooth heavy leather outer that really makes it work.

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