Sunday, 23 November 2008

Doors Jas M.B

I just bought a new bag. Thats a big deal for me as I find it hard to find the right one, being obsessed and surrounded by them all the time.

My bag of choice was a Jas M.B small 'wings' which is hard to describe any other way but beautiful. Its made from solid quality leather, unfussy, honest in construction and unpretentious in logo branding.

Find out more about this much loved brand and Jas M.B on their website

Each bag seems slightly different and take on the characteristics of the individual leather skin they are made from. The branding is hardly visible and the bag ages with use as it should.

The bags are versatile both in their image (what outfits you can wear them with) as well as function. Mine has 3 different ways of holding it - shoulder strap, grab handles and short shoulder strap and i do actually use all three of them.

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