Saturday, 21 February 2009

Diesel Black Gold New York Catwalk Bags

I'm at home in Hackney on a Saturday afternoon checking out the New York fashion week accessories like a good little fashion conscious designer. Not much interesting has captured my attention but maybe thats because i'm slightly hung over and generally unimpressed. However, i did take a look at Diesel Black Gold.

Diesel Black Gold were on the New York Catwalk recently showing off their Autumn/winter 2009/10 collection. Here are some pics of their bags which i think are a high point of their collection. The show had a distinctly vampire look about it with models covered in face nets and bright red lipstick. The bags are hit and miss.

This bag looks its made up with a bit of Marni and pinch of Chanel. Admittedly, it has a nice slightly grungy feel about it but i can't help but to think i've seen it before.

Although the same could be said about this one, i do like the slouchy oversized-ness contrasted with a narrow shoulder strap and small flimsy handles.

This is probably my favourite from this season's collection. The shiny polished leather contrasted with the soft almost tumbled inner section, like the gutz spilling out of an outershell. It looks as though it has been squashed at the bottom of a pile of heavy bags in a charity shop and that is why i like it.

I'm not sure about this one, the proportions look all a little bit too forced. The handle drop length looks slightly too long to be cute whilst the squat front buckles seem a little too squat and close together. I reckon there is a little bit too much going on.

This bag here has a definite unisex feel and is testament to the fact that it is not yet the end of the oversized bag for women. It looks like a thin format, stiff exotic leather construction with a modern detail in a vertical zip down the right side of the front panel. Its not the slouchy-est of bags around but its manly feel ties into the general Diesel brand DNA. I like it.

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