Saturday, 7 March 2009

Braccialini at Mipel

Braccialini are still going strong with their eccentric bag style. The designers at this place must have so much fun! and the bag makers themselves must absolutely hate the designers.

This range of bags was seen recently at Mipel bag show in milan. Its the new Autumn / winter 2009 / 10 range. This bag above is inspired by 'postcards' which is the range of bags from Braccialini which depicts scenarios of everyday life on the front of a bag.

Each season they have new inspirations which guide the subject of the bag designs. The ones above look like the scene of a little saturday morning shopping trip into a small italian town on the side of a mountain. Looks like a nice place to live! I love the literal simplicity of the designs, almost like a child's drawing come to life in luxurious leather.

I would really love to own one of this pieces, I would say that they have a bit of a cult following. they really bring a little fun into fashion accessories, but i bet the price tag means that these would only be affordable to serious collectors!

Buttons!!! Buttons as flowers. Cute. Not sure about the boxy construction of this one and it looks slightly juvenile but go braccialini, you never cease to surprise!

The hand-drawn style text on the bag really breaks into the 'luxury' image of the leopard skin body. Poking fun at luxury itself. Just like Stephen Sprouse has done with Louis Vuitton, i bet the guys at Braccialini have been doing it for a lot longer. Stylistically, the bag works i think - shiny patent text layered upon textured fur is a winning combination.

And becuase they are not actually buying into any particular fashion trend, these bags will look good for a long time to come. (even though they are slightly crazy)

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