Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Solar Panel Bags

Here is a collection of solar panelled bags which i have stumbled upon, browsing around the web. From the very sporty outdoorsey beginnings of solar bags, they have come a long way, but yes, still have a long way to go.

Noon Solar bags (

These ones by Noon Solar are pretty cool, with a lifestyle feel, they integrate this high technology into bags that you want to actually carry. Below is a bag by one of my favourite Thai designers (oops forgot the name of the brand but will get back to you). The black panel in the middle isn't actually a solar panel, but i reckon it could be.

Painkiller Mademoiselle autumn/winter 2008/09

I really feel that things are just at the beginning with solar powered bags, especially now when we are practically non-existent without our mobile phones / blackberrys / iphones / ipods. In countries like Australia, and South America, there is really no excuse to use the sun to charge our phones, slightly more far fetched in countries like the UK, especially in winter, but its still only sunlight that is required to make this happen.

These bags above have the solar technology a little more integrated and there is a bit more design going on but they still look a bit like a school project.

These are also by Noon Solar, above, i think they look pretty fab for a high tech bag. They take about 6-8 hours to charge and more on a cloudy day and thats enough to charge your phone or ipod. The technology hasn't yet got to the point where you can charge a laptop but i think this capability is well on its way.

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