Tuesday, 21 July 2009


There have been a of brands getting into this 'personalised / customised' area of accessories branding. People are looking for something special, well, beyond special even, they are looking for something UNIQUE.

Its easy enough for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton to do this, afterall, they have always done it. Starting out in custom made luggage, the brand seem to have come full circle from their mass made luxury epi-leather super branded bags that we have come to see all over the place.

Here are some photos of bags that i took at a recent press day. They show the range of classic monogram bags adorned with stripes of colour and initialed in a modern painted style.

The idea is that you purchase the bag from a LV stores and choose your colour branding and state the initals that you wanted painted onto it. When the artwork is complete they post it out to you or you come and pick it up in store. Its a pretty chic way to customise the bags, but i say that they should go a step further and you should be able to take your old LV bags into the store for a bit of a graphic revival. I think slick modern paint on an old worn in LV bag would look fab. Much better than a brand new one, and LV would also be doing their bit for the old environment at the same time encouraging people to treaure their old vintage bags and think twice before buying a new one.

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