Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Urban Outfitters

I was in New York on the weekend and popped into an urban outfitters, i saw this great display showing these bags by Slow and steady wins the race.

I just thought they were absolutely AWESOME, and i don't ever even say that word, i think it must have lingered in my mind from my short stay in New York where a lot of things are 'awesome'.

Basically you can identify most or all of these bags as highly distilled down versions of recognisable 'it' bags. They are made from humble canvas and are VERY FLAT. which i LOVE. To me, they sort of poke fun at the original Guccis and balenciagas by portraying them as parodies or very cheap rip-offs.

I love how this one has the gucci stripe down the middle as well as the bamboo frame, they really remind me of another post i have on this site showing hand-knitted versions of designer handbags. let me just try to find it... Found it, its called Crocheted Counterfeit Bags - check it out.

This one is the chanel 2.55 made from marl jersey quilting and chain with the same marl jersey interwoven. To find out more about this great concept check out the site - slow and steady wins the race.

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