Monday, 10 August 2009

Claire Ferreira DOWNSIDE UP

In her own words, "Rush bag echoes our impulsive behaviour within the tiny daily crisis of looking for something in a bag. Turn it upside down to expose its contents"

Recent graduate from the Royal College of Art in London is Claire Ferreira. She has come up with this conceptual bag project founded by the frustration from looking for things in your bag. I'm sure we have all been there. I think its a great way to get rid of the crap at the bottom of your bag like bread crumbs and cigarette tabacco.

The bits that dangle down from clips attached with cute red string double as a way to carry your belongings on the outside rather than the inside of your bag.

Cute and quirky at the same time, this is a nice project, topped off by the white handle at the base of the bag which pulls the whole concept together.

You can check out her blog by going to : where she also has a few other of her projects on show.

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