Friday, 7 August 2009

Chanel on Canvas

I'm really sorry i have had temporary amnesia and have forgotten where on earth i found these bags, so i cannot credit them. I think they are from an american shopping website such as barneys (which i have already looked in) maybe someone out there might know.

I just wanted to post them before i forgot cos they have been sitting on my desktop for weeks and i think they are much better off on here, than with the millions of other screen grabs, bank statements and random folders sitting on my desktop right now.

Its not really the newest idea on earth but i love the execution of these printed canvas shoppers. The iconic pieces printed on them make a statement about 'it' bags or bags that cost over say, £300 and at the same time, i'm sure these bags don't come cheap either.

Anyway, thats my friday bag post so hope you enjoy. Back to writing up my tradeshow from my visit to WSA in Vegas last week. Check it out on WGSN soon! x

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