Friday, 14 August 2009


I love Painkiller Mademoiselle.

This is one of my all time favourite bag brands, its a pretty obscure brand coming out of Bangkok, Thailand. From what i know, the designer used to live in Paris and moved (back) to Bangkok. If you can read thai, you can check out some more information by going to or

This leather shopper is pretty nice, not all that much to it, i have to admit but the central panel of exotic skin - snake it looks like give the bag a level of sophistication achieved through constraint rather than excess. But the real beauties lie below:

I love the shape of this clutch, its a classic shape but the tonal massive stud hardware is cool and its one of the first brands that i have seen do this.

As you can see the bags are really simple and geometric. If the bags were a person, they would be highly sophisticated and refined and be able to speak about 10 different languages.

The oversized wooden hardware is sometimes polished to look like precious stone but at the end of the day is just (just, i say) humble wood. This is one of my favourite aspects of the brand, they are understated and make glamour and preciousness out of not much.

Ok, you are probably thinking, there is something very Chanel about the bags, yes you are right, its hard to go past the quilting and the leather / metal chain, however, its the bold use of the hardware which i really like about this bag above. Lets just admit, the Chanel thing has been copied over and over again. Now even shops like Topshop and New Look have their versions of the bag, it has gained cult status and there is no looking back. BUT.... this is a nice fresh look at a commericalised icon. I'll let you decide.

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