Monday, 19 October 2009


I started off by hating these bags, and now i'm almost tempted to buy one, i can't believe how fickle i am. It all down to some of the wonderful things one can find when browsing and here are my pics of fringed bags which i love the most.

From "marianagaby's shop". this three tiered fringed number is pretty dense which is what i love about it, it would be like carrying around a shaggy carpet or a wet dog, swaying around in the wind. Proper cow girl material this one is.

Next, from the same shop is a little foldo out wallet with three compartments. The one single line of fringing is super cute and controlled and i was really tempted to buy this one, it also comes in black.

Now, this tanned number from "stacyleigh's shop" on etsy is much more ragged and wild. Her pieces really capture the true essence of leather. Not much else is done with it apart from some raw cutting, stitching, twisting and turning. If i were a cow, i would much rather turn out like this than uber processed into a louis vuitton epi leather monstrosity.

This one is also from "stacyleigh's shop", i like it just the same, just a slightly different colour showing that in this style of production each piece turns out slightly differently depending on the skin. I really like the raw edges creating the front flaps of this bag, you couldn't get much rawer than this.

From the "aosLeather shop" also on, is this fringed pouch. It caught my attention as i have not ever seen a fringed pouch, if i were a debt collector back in the days of jesus christ, i would definitely use this to collect my shillings. With over 35 years experience in the leather making trade, you can really tell this maker is a true professional.

Finally, uploaded by easterlily on etsy, this bag isn't really much to look at, and the photo is absolutely shite, (i've even had a go of retouching it), but actually the fringing mixed with the sporadic beading makes this bag pretty cool. There is no rhyme or reason to the fringing, its so random and thats what i like a bit it, a shaggy dog of a bag.

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