Friday, 30 October 2009


Finishing friday afternoon off with a bang of a post. This one i have been saving. Its a typical mumsy style handbag from the archives of Yves Saint Laurent. With its miniature sized logo print and its tanned leather trimmings, i think it is a real winner.

Again, i have to admit finding this one on etsy as well, i did go through the site with a fine tooth comb and there are billions of amazing finds on the site. To save myself from going broke buying bags, i have just posted it here for everyone enjoy.

This shows the compact side view, this bag is what it is, with modest detailing in that classic 1990s style. In fact, my mum recently handed down her (what is now vintage) Christian Dior bag to me which i have in pride of place on a shelf and it has a very similar construction. Its almost like a saddle bag construction on the back to sit flat against the body when worn.

What i really love about is the care and attention that people go to to photograph their products. It leaves ebay for dead so thanks alot for posting this, i wish i could credit you but i can't find you again on etsy, even though i know you are out there!

I'll leave you with this three quarter view showing the front buckle detail and that lovely shoulder strap width - not too narrow, not too wide. Love it!

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Sabrina said...

Hi. I was wondering what this purse is valued at. I have YSL vintage purse from the same collection. It is a bit larger, and a lot of interior origination, pockets, and dividers. It is great condition as well. Thanks for any information!