Sunday, 15 November 2009


Some of my favourite bags from Spring / summer 2010's catwalks. Recently in Milan, Marni presented some really nice understated bags. This one here below has a laser cut perforated design with a bit of an arabic flavour. To chill this out, the rest of the bag has a really simple almost sack like construction with a really basic handle.

Its not to say its not glamorous, in fact, understatement is the key word of the season. There was not much crazy stuff going down on the catwalks this season overall in the accessories world. Brands were bringing back their iconic styles in new materials and slightly updated executions.

I really like the bag in bag look. It communicates a feeling of old meets new, tradition meets modern and more casual methods. The outer layer is a bit like the bag is wearing a pair of trousers or a skirt. I know that is a ridiculous way to describe a bag, but do you see what i mean. Maybe its more like a sleeping bag.

Here we go again with a larger version which, i don't think works as well in the smaller clutch size but is the same idea and executed very elegantly.

I'm not quite sure about the edge piping and i don't really dig the big brushed gold balls as the clasp opening, i can see something a bit more raw and original like some uncut stones or maybe something leather covered.

Strangely the big balls work on the smaller clutch a bit better, but i'd love to see this bag with the frame and balls covered in beautiful soft lambs leather Natalia Brilli-style. (please check out her website, you won't regret it)

Over and out.

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