Sunday, 8 November 2009


These photos were part of a details experiment / study that i did when i was working at puma a couple of years ago. i have always loved the bold effect of strapping (you can check out more about my tape obsession on my other blog We ended up sampling a few different versions of this bag, then it didn't really go anywhere after that, i think it was maybe a bit too avant garde (uncommerical) at the time for the brief but i still really like them and had a lot of fun making them.

The bag itself was picked up as a vintage sample from somewhere in london and the red cotton webbing is from Kleins habadashery in soho. (great place to buy bits and pieces). the part i love the most about designing bags is the experimentation. Typically in the next stage you have to make the bag actually work and then think of all the other practical aspects like interior, pockets, target audience, price point and the rest of the boring stuff that determines whether your bag is actually going to get made or not.

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