Friday, 18 December 2009


I came across these little beauties on, the are just divine. Word has it that they are 'dance purses' worn by 'ladies' (the little britain type) when going to dances. I wonder whether they were hand held or worn around the neck?

Some of the more detailed images show what was inside these things. Inside are two little compartments for 'powder' of whatever your inclination is... or some flat make-up varieties.

This one below is from another etsy seller which is also made from sterling silver and a similar design. The interior details are amazing, it also has a little compact mirror inside.

One of the things i particularly like and am inspired by with these is the chain. so delicate and i really love the elongated links.

With an external monogram, and beautiful angled edges, i find this piece really inspirational for the design of phone cases for the modern world.

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Miss Hulk said...

These are so beautiful! I love your blog!