Monday, 8 March 2010


Bonjour, I just got back from Paris and the hustle of Fashion week where i checked out Premiere Classe and Tranoi Femme tradeshows. There was some absolutely fantastique stuff on show.

One of my favourite brands of all time is Jas M.B. Jas was at the show and I was even tempted to make a little personal order myself - which is this amazing 'Camera Case' cross shoulder mini handbag that you see above. I can't wait to receive it!

The brand has done some amazingly cool backpacks which are really lifestyle inspired and also pretty for what its worth.

This double strapped backpack is satchel inspired with the long leather straps and classic detailing.

In classic Jas M.B styling, this tote made from a coated canvas is accented with leather details.

The quality of leather is just to die for, take this, for example, clutch with removeable shoulder strap made from large grain leather. Pure luxury. I am really loving the simple shapes coming out right now with minimal hardware.

And for a little bit more bling, Jas M.B has done these tote bags with a very geometrical array of 'diamond' studded bolts.

I absolutely love the understated-ness of this brand. Minimal branding, minimal bling. Made in the UK and just good old fashioned fashion.

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