Friday, 28 January 2011


Here are some oldy worldy inspired rucksacks or backpacks whatever you would prefer to call them. I love this super boxy number just below. It reminds me of the old fashioned Globetrotter luggage made from compressed cardboard like a lot of us used to use as school bags all those years ago.

There has been a resurgence to backpacks particularly in the fashion world of late. Lets face it they are very ergonomic and comfortable.

I really like the combination of materials used in these satchel style bags. The long leather straps combined with canvas or oiled cottons... hmmmm. yum.

This photo was taken at the Fuji rock festival in Japan. They have lots of cool bags over there! Every time i go to japan i cannot resist buying bags.


And So I Whisper said...

love the one on first photo!

Unknown said...

what brand is the one in the second picture because i want to buy one! :D

Anonymous said...

What's the brand on the second picture?