Monday, 14 January 2008

Ella's favourite bag

This is my friend Ella's favourite bag. She sent me this image to add to my bag blog. This a description of this bag in her very own words....

"thought you might be interested in my favourite bag....It's made from coloured felt balls. The felt is so thick that it makes it hard to fit anything in. Despite this unpractical design, I love it. I like to wear it with a black outfit and red shoes to show it off, like a nice piece of jewelery."

Please send me a photo of your favourite with a description of what you love about it. And if you have a bag you find irritating, send a pic too with a caption of what you find annoying, irritating or non-functional about it and i will publish it right here in the 'My Bag' category.

Looking forward to your submissions!

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