Saturday, 12 January 2008

Kate Spade Clutches

This is Kate Spade's 'Andalucia bow becca' made from tumbled metallic calf skin

And along the big bow theme, this one is called 'tuxedo park bow becca' and is made from a combination of suede and sequins. I particularly like the carrying strap on the back (below).

The little grab handle at the back of the bag means you can loop it over your arm meaning you are really wearing it on your sleeve.

Kate Spade's 'Mallorca Selby'. I really love the mixture of the modern striped webbing combined with the more oldy worldy woven body fabric. The cute little button clasp detail is ingenious.

This basket clutch with metallic detail really means business. I'm not sure what kind of outfit you would wear it for, but i reckon it'd look great with jeans and a t-shirt.

Same with this one. (tisbury minu clutch)

Again, the same shape as the previous 'selby', the Napoli Selby is a bit more toned down and conservative, personally i prefer the Mallorca Selby which definitely more edgy.

The 'chilmark ava clutch' has a softer, more flexible construction. I think its a slightly less challenging version of the Tisbury Minu clutch.

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