Thursday, 24 April 2008

Puma Lydia bag by Lydia Hearst. See behind the scenes pics

Puma Lydia bag, worth £370, designed by Lydia Hearst with PUMA is this weeks Grazia Goodie bag give away. Check out some behind the scenes photos from the puma design laboratory.

Made from gold and browns and full of hanging bits, this bag is a re-vamp of an original puma tennis bag. The shape has largely remained unchanged but its been given the bling treatment to make it worthy for the catwalk.

This is a close up picture of the hanging crystal. I'm pretty sure they are Swarovski crystals.

And the 'diamond' studded cat which hangs down the front of the bag, this is super sized and features a mirror effect central section.

Here shows a photo of the back of the bag filled with patches of metallic snake skin leather, gold leather and bronze.

Here is the rock and roll colourway of the same bag, black, silver and reds. The main body fabric is patent leather.

I love the silky satin lining with the music graphic. Not quite sure what the idea behind it is, but it looks good and feels d-licious.

And contrary to popular belief, these botton cat stud feet are NOT made from pure silver, they are just regular metal. That would be pretty cool though but if that were the case i'm sure the bag wouldn't retail at £370.

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