Sunday, 27 April 2008

Rootphi and Timbuk2 Collaboration - Lamitron

As reported on the Cool Hunter website, RootPhi is currently working with Timbuk2, a San Francisco based messenger bag & accessories company, on a special project. Its all about using recycled materials in messenger bags. RootPhi has developed a recycled fabric called Reclaim. Made from polyethylene. It is an amazing technology which turns plastic bags into a strong durable fabric suitable for use in bags that get bashed around alot.

It is an amazing idea and a solid application of the technology. Timbuk2 who is very well known for their simple messenger bags that is all about the material, this is definitely a great colab idea and i can't wait to see more happening within this area.

One of the best things about this technology is that the process allows you to still be able to see the detail in the original material, visible recycling technology. Great work guys! Find out more about Rootphi at

After a bit more snooping around, i've found out that Target has put a 'cease and desist' order against Timbuk2 for showing the target bullseye logo on their recycled product. To be honest i can't believe that Target don't see this as an opportunity for them to get some good green publicity. This has caused Timbuk2 to to though in their words, "the ridiculous process of identifying and removing any Lamitron bag that contains the Target logo."

Ridiculous i would say. Target you are complete idiots and I think have drawn more negative publicity to yourselves by doing this.

See more info on this on Timbuk2's site here.

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