Thursday, 9 October 2008

FELT Laptop cases

Nice simple laptop cases made from felt by a company called Rare Device.

They also do some nice other bits and pieces so its worth checking out their site.


Baglady said...

As a bag designer in California, I love your blogs, but I DONT like that you have support for Prop 8 on your sites. As a non-American, you should stay out of it!

VOTE NO on prop 8!!!!

Digital M said...


There is no supoport for proposition 8 on Jacq's site (I'm her girlfriend and I'd make sure this!). You've got your facts decidely wrong on this (unless something has gone terribly wrong with google ads). Your political sense is to be applauded but save your energy for the rabid bigots who deserve your scorn. Let us know if you're in London next year, we'll send you an invite to our civil union.

Morgan x

Baglady said...

well, I'm glad you don't support it, however the day I was looking on your site there was an ad under "Ads by Google" in support of Prop 8. I wouldn't have written the comment if I didn't see it. Someone must be doing it for Google. Cheers, I love London!

JACQUI MA said...

My particularly political girlfriend got up in arms about all that, i'm sorry the google idiots put that ad on my page. THanks for letting me know and i have contacted them to make sure it doesn't happen again.
London is good (but not so much in january!)