Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Japanese School Bags

I was recently in Tokyo researching accessories and footwear and came across the school bags of Japanese school students.

These students have a 2 tone business style shoulder tote bag to carry their books. Quite stylish for a school bag, much better than my 'St Catherines' standard issue boxy backpack!

Wearing a tote bag as a backpack slung over both shoulders... a fashion statement or an ergonomic necessity?

I love this Hermes meets briefcase style school bag (above) its a structured leather number which is quite grown up and stylish. And goes nicely with the nautical-inspired school uniform.

The backpack on the right shows just one example of the trinkets that Japanese students use to personalise their belongings. We saw many examples of hanging charms from bags - from soft toys, metal tags to badges and pins.

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