Monday, 16 March 2009

Chanel expose-all bags

Chanel on sale for £5.99 at Tesco! Well thats what it could look like. This crazy design reminds me of the toy packs that you get for kids at xmas from Toys R us with the kiddy versions of all the adult accessories.

This is a really cute inventive idea, and i'm sure very press worthy and eye catching. I have been going through the Autumn / winter 2009 catwalks and things are looking really grim in the accessory area. There doesn't seem to be anything interesting at all going on - except this - Chanel transparent bag, which i love.

This is the pretty-in-pinnk version. It comes packed with Chanel goodies such as the Chanel I-pod, specs, eye-shadow, Chanel 2.55 classic handbag and its all put together in a plastic transparent casing for all to admire and bound together by the signature (and often copied) Chanel leather woven chain.

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