Friday, 13 March 2009

Karl loves Lily

Karl Lagerfield gives Lily Allen a little pressie!

Not exactly in the spirit of credit crunch
accessory design, Lily Allen has been given a gift by Karl Lagerfield. Its a purse in the shape of a babushka or Russian Doll with the signature Chanel wrist chain.

You can't deny that it is a pretty little thing, every girls dream little container to stow away her girly things. Its no wonder that Lily Allen loves it, i would too! But it has to be said, these one-off / boutique 'look at me' pieces are slightly indulgent. Or maybe i'm just a little jealous?

Whilst i think its cute, its not exactly a bag that suits the times. Yes, it injects a bit of fun into this gray financial landscape, but also smells slightly gimiky. What does everyone else think of this little doll?

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