Saturday, 11 July 2009

Milan Fashion week mens portfolios

Good morning, its a rainy saturday morning in London town. Yes, i don't have much else to do tan post a few of my favourite bags These are some of my favourite street shots of mens bags from Milan Mens fashion week for Spring / Summer 2010. Sometimes the stylish fashion types that attend the fashion shows can outshine the shows themselves. Its a great place to pick up trends and this one is no big surprise to see italian men with 'man bags' but they are getting more and more interesting as times go on.

I absolutely love this one. Its a portfolio style clutch bag with a table tennis pocket posted onto the front of it. It looks like Fred Perry logo to me, but who knows, the preppy look is certainly in keeping with what Fred Perry would do. This bag says, I-am-a-man-carrying-an-effeminite-clutch-but-becuase-there-it-is-sporty-its-ok. Either way, its a man-clutch otherwise known as a portefeuille.

This one is very much in the man bag territory, but the flat retractable handle makes it more like a bag. The shiny-ish leather gives is a dressy business feel. Perfect to be teamed with a short sleeve red blazer!

This one is more like a mini briefcase. With its concertina style construction and antique tan leather finish it has a dual purpose as you can see from the detachable shoulder strap peeping around the corner.

I just love this newspaper inspired portefeuille. Dressed up as a spanish newspaper you could definitely be mistaken as someone just popping down to the shops for a croissant and the paper on a saturday morning if you are feeling a bit coy about clutch carrying.

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