Thursday, 12 November 2009


I am collecting pictures of wooden bags. But everytime i find one i happen to be in a different place with a different type of technology (phone, computer, camera) than the last. So i thought i would just post this one all alone.

The key things i like about this bag are:

  • Jewelles and faux diamonds stuck on with glue in the shape of palm tree trunks and the sun and a sailing boat.
  • The word 'tropical island' painted in the same blue as the water in the bottom left corner of the bag.
  • The lovely vintage plastic handle with elegant handle bases and sophisticated connection to the box part of the bag.
In fact, there are not many things that i don't like about this bag. I wish i could see the inside. I think it would be lined with padded pastel yellow satin look polyester symbolising the sand collected at the island.

Recently when i was on a (sort of) holiday in phuket we had the option of a day activity called "bag making", i wonder if this is what i missed out on? Hope not.

Flash forward a few days... i found this wooden case as well to match the one above. Once again, the handle rocks.

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